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Crystal water and drink bottles…..

Gem infused water has been used for its healing benefits for centuries; the powerful energy of crystals can easily be transfered to water by placing charged crystals in water for a short time.

The elixir can then be consumed to experience the healing benefits.

Science has proved that water has memory and can pick up information from the environment.

Quality of water can be affected by anything it comes into contact with, material of pipes it has travelled through or the container it is held in.

Scientists have now found that human thought and intentions may be able to influence the structure of water!  Pretty amazing, right!? Crystals are known to absorb and store energy.

Add them to your drinking water and enjoy all the health benefits and revitalising qualities.


In the past people made crystal elixirs simply by popping a crystal in a glass of water, leaving it for an hour or so or maybe even overnight, then drinking it (or applying it topically to the skin or to bathwater, please see my post Gem Remedies).


Nowadays, you can purchase all sorts of fancy bottles that infuse your water with crystal energies and allow you to take it with you wherever you go.

Brands such as Bewater, Vitajuwel and Elixir-To- Go claim their gem-pods in their water bottles enhance the structure of your drinking water.

They all look super trendy and are becoming more and more popular, but with their hefty price tags, are these really necessary and if so, which one is the best?



Lets take a look at some of these modern water bottles, specifically made to hold gemstones.

There are some with interchangeable pods, you can buy individual gem-pods to swap and change the crystals. Others come with fixed pods.

And some have openings at the base where you can add any crystals you like.

You can even make your own if you decide these are beyond your budget, click here to read more on making your own gem infused water bottle.


Here is my review of some of the popular crystal water bottles available:




Bewater have two designs of water bottle, one is made of Tritan plastic and the gemstones are contained in a sealed chamber that cannot be removed and their other design is made from glass and the gemstones are contained in a sealed removable, changeable pod.

In both these designs, the drinking water does not come into direct contact with the water, the crystals are contained in the chamber. It is believed that crystal energy can pass through glass/plastic, just as heat or light energy can pass through a window, so can crystal energy and therefore crystals do not need to come into direct contact with the water.

No direct contact with water means no risk with crystals that might be toxic or dissolve in water.

Both designs come in a range of crystals, Bewater have created four ranges, Bejoy, Belove, Bemagic and Bepower, each inspired by different intentions.

I chose this one from their Bepower range, (Bepower range is apparently all about igniting your inner warrior and harnessing vitality and your inner power). Within the Bepower range, I choose Bevitality, it contains Red jasper, Magnesite and Rock crystal.

Check Bewater bottles here on Amazon


So, pros and cons of this Bewater water bottle…


  • Super fast delivery, I ordered this on a Monday night and it arrived on the Wednesday (postage was free).
  • I couldn’t wait to use it, I gave it a quick rinse out, filled it with water and ten minutes later it was ready to go (the manufacturers claim ten minutes is all it takes for the crytsal energy to infuse the water).I love the design of the bottle, its very easy to fill and handwash, comfortable to hold, not too heavy and looks great.
  • It holds 650ml of water, not too much nor too little to carry around.
  • As the crystals don’t come into direct contact with the water, there is no need to worry about toxicity etc.
  • Although expensive for what is ultimately just a plastic drink bottle, it is one of the cheaper ones on the market.


  • The one I purchased has a screw off lid, it can’t be used with one hand. I have young kids who are constantly wanting lifted up, so I would definitely prefer a lid that can be used with one hand.  Bewater have now designed a flip lid, so if you are purchasing one, be sure to look out for the different lids.
  • Some people argue that as the crystals do not come into direct contact with the drinking water, it is not a true gemstone elixir, technically the crystals should be immersed in the actual water.
    I personally believe that the crystal energy will still change the quality and structure of water from the sealed chamber, crystal vibrations can travel and certainly in that close proximity. I think I actually prefer the fact that they are not in direct contact and not having to worry that crystals may have been dyed or contain harmful additives that shouldn’t be consumed.

Overall, I really like the Bewater bottles. They are one of the most reasonably priced crystal water bottles on the market at the minute.

I have two from their Tritan range now, I love the fact that they have a wide range and I will definately purchase a glass one the next time to try the interchangable pods.

Check out Bewater bottles here




– Vitajuwel have a wide range, not only of gemstone bottles, they also sell sleeves for their bottles and carry handles (sold individually).

They also have a range of vials (gemstone filled vials, you place the vial in water to enhance it with the gemstones properties), plus decanters and dispensers for their vial range. They have even released a tea strainer for use with their bottles.

Vitajuwel bottles come with a detachable base called a gem-pod. The gem-pod allows you to completely switch up your gem water combination easily; just screw off one gem-pod and swap it with another, there are loads of different combinations and new ones being added to their range regularly .

Check out this Vitajuwel Via – Balance on Amazon

Vitajuwel Via – Balance contains Sodalite, Blue Chalcedony and Clear Quartz.

Sodalite supports mental balance, calmness and inner peace. It’s said to assist us in expressing ourselves, and this blend is complimented by Blue Chalcedony, this encourages reflection, and opening the mind to new ideas, instilling feelings of benevolence and generosity.

This blend helps those who speak publicly for a living. It can encourage us to speak up for ourselves and ask for what we need. Clear Quartz is known as the master healer, it amplifies the energy of other crystals and creates harmony.

This is how Vitajuwel describe the properties of this particular combination:

‘A soothing blend to restore inner balance and improve communication. Supports the throat, laryx, vocal chords, kidneys and bladder. Regulates high blood pressure & water balance in the body. Supports water absorption and helps quench thirst, lowers blood pressure, high temperatures and helps lymph flow. Good for respiratory organs, thyroid glands, kidneys, liver, bladder & allergies’.

So, pros and cons of Vitajuwels water bottles:


  • Their bottles are made from lead-free glass, they fully open at the top and bottom which makes them easy to clean.
  • Vitajuwel offer free shipping everywhere in the world.
  • I like that you can swap and change the gempods whenever you like.
  • Vitajuwel bottles look amazing, very classy and I like that you can purchase sleeves to protect the bottle, you will definately want to protect a drink bottle that costs this amount of money!
  • You can actually buy replacement bottles though, just the outer bottle with no gempod, this is a great idea!
  • I would also probably purchase a loop for the lid, this would make carrying it around a little easier; you could even attach it onto a backpack using a carabiner.
  • Like Bewater, the gemstones don’t come into direct contact with your drinking water, great as you don’t need to worry about toxic crystals etc.


  • Vitajuwel bottles are a lot more expensive than Bewater.
  • They only have a glass range, this is often not practical for on the go, or even just if you are clumsy like me and always dropping things.
  • It only holds 500 ml so you might run out of water quickly if you are out and about.
  • Although I like the idea of changing the gempods, they are almost as expensive as the whole system. And while it is great that you can purchase replacement bottles, gempods, sleeves etc, it all works out very expensive. These aren’t for you if you are on a budget.
  • Like Bewater, if you believe your crystals should come into direct contact with the drinking water to make a true elixir, then this gemstone bottle is not for you.


Vitajuwel have a range of accessories on Amazon:


Check out Vitajuwel’s Loop strap for easy transport of your bottle.




Check out Vitajuwel’s sleeves to protect your bottle (I personally like the short sleeve as you can still see your beautiful crystals.




Check out Vitajuwel’s Via Diamonds to experience diamond infused water! Wow, just wow!

I couldn’t finish this review without a mention to this stunning water bottle. Unfortunately I haven’t tried it out myself yet.

If you do have the pleasure of owning one of these beauties, please do let me know what you think of it!– to experience diamond infused water!  Sounds pretty awesome! 

This is what Vitajuwel say about this combination:

“Diamonds are a gem water lovers best friend. The most precious gem on earth was believed to channel divine energy and was reserved only for kings and queens. Our customers say that no other gem water tastes as intense and apollonian as this exclusive blend. Try it once and you’ll never again drink ordinary tap water. It makes a perfect gift for that special someone you treasure most in your life – it is as unique as a diamond ring. It is jewelry for your water”.

Overall, I love the Vitajuwel range (including their Vials which I haven’t reviewed here), however they are quite expensive, especially if you add on interchangable gempods or accessories. If you are wanting to treat yourself and don’t mind the expense then these bottles are the biz.

Check out Vitajuwel bottles on Amazon


*Elixir to go*


These bottles allow you to use your own crystals – Elixir2Go was the first gemwater bottle that safely allows you to use any stones of your choosing without buying another gem-pod or entire bottle.

You can use any crystals you like, not just the few that can safely be immersed in drinking water as the crystal chamber is separated from the water by a glass wall, so never worry about stones leaching toxins into your drinking water.


  • Price includes everything you need, 1 bottle, 1 set of gemstones, and 1 protective sleeve.
  • You can then add any crystals you like, feel free to swap them over as you need.
  • I like that there is a carry handle on the sleeve which makes it easier to carry around.
  • I love that you get all you need for a fixed price and don’t need to add on for accessories.


  • Again, technically not a true elixir as the gemstones aren’t in contact with the drinking water.
  • And again, it has a screw off cap, spouts make drinking on the go much easier.

Check Elixir to go out here on amazon


A final point worth mentioning before I conclude is to remember that whichever type of bottle you decide to go for, don’t forget to cleanse and charge the crystals before use.


I like to place the bottles on the windowsill during a full moon.  I usually set them out for a full day and night so they absorb the energy of the sun plus the energy of the moon.





So…. are expensive gemstone bottles worth it? Do they actually work? Are we better off filling a glass with water and leaving a crystal in it overnight and then pouring the elixir into any old water bottle for carrying around?

Well firstly, any reusable water bottle, whether gem infused or not, is a good thing! Not only for the environment (our ‘plastic’ ocean is a serious problem) but because they encourage us to drink more water! Most of us don’t drink nearly enough water to keep us properly hydrated.

BUT carrying a high quality, stylish water bottle can remind us to keep drinking! You will get loads of use from it so hopefully it will be a one off purchase, so probably yes, it will be worth the financial investment.

Do the crystals actually infuse the water with healing benefits? Well that is the ongoing debate and only you can tell if it works for you.

I personally believe it works for me 😉



Disclaimer: None of the information shared should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention. Always seek advice from an expert before using crystals as an elixir (or in any other form). The crystals described in this post may not be safe for use as an elixir for some people. Crystals may be artificially dyed or may have been altered from their natural state in some way so please seek professional advice before use.

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