Crystal prescriptions : your crystal first aid kit

Here is my quick list of crystal prescriptions that you can try for some of the most common ailments.

You can make elixirs (use the in-direct method described in my post Gem Remedies to make sure it will be safe to consume) or you can place the crystals directly onto the pain or affected area, and even wear them as jewellery.


(These remedies are not to replace medical attention).

Crystal healing for : 

Aches and pains / sore muscles: Aventurine (hold against the painful area, use a plaster or surgical tape to attach it to the area.

Asthma: Malachite (carry it with you). Himalayan salt lamps are useful to have around the home.


Arthritis: Amethyst (as an elixir and carry with you daily).

Blood / circulation disorders: Bloodstone or Hematite, carry or wear as jewellery.

Blood pressure: Low – Tourmaline. High – Sodalite. (Carry with you, preferably wear as jewellery).

Burns: Amber or Rose Quartz (Hold close to the area).


Colic: Amber or Rose Quartz (keep close at all times).

Constipation: Amber (drink an elixir).

Cough: Aquamarine (carry with you and hold to throat area to relieve coughing).

Cuts or grazes: Carnelian (hold close to the graze) or Amber (make an elixir and gently dab onto the affected area).

Cystitis: Amber (elixir) and Carnelian (carry with you).


Diabetes: Sodalite, Malachite, Tigers Eye or Hematite (carry or wear as jewellery).


Diarrhoea: Amber or Orange Calcite (either one as an elixir and carry the other with you).

Dizziness or Vertigo: Tourmaline or Black Onyx (carry or wear as jewellery).

Ear ache: Clear Quartz (direct a clear quartz point towards the ear and move in small clockwise circles).

Eczema: Aragonite (elixir) and Rose Quartz (place a small Rose Quartz into any eczema cream you are using, and place a few in the bath. You can also hold Rose Quartz directly on affected areas.

Epilepsy: Malachite (wear at all times).

Eye disorders: Jade or Tigers Eye (hold on eye for 15 minutes, three times a day).

Fever: Hematite (see above, influenza)


Gallstones: Citrine or Amber (elixir).

Hemorrhoids / Piles: Tigers eye (place under a cushion on your chair).

Hay fever: Carnelian or Red Jasper (carry or wear). Himalayan salt lamps.

Indigestion: Peridot (sip and elixir).

Insomnia: Amethyst (place beside the bed or under your pillow).

Influenza: Green Moss Agate, Chrysocolla, and Fluorite (see Gem Remedies).


Jet Lag: Hematite (carry on the flight and for a few days after).

Migraine: Amethyst (see Gem Remedies).

Mouth ulcers: Citrine (gargle an elixir or hold on ulcer).

Nausea: Obsidian or Tigers Eye (hold in your hands).

Nosebleeds: Bloodstone (hold against your nose).

Psoriasis: Rose Quartz or Selenite (place Rose Quartz in the bath or hold Selenite directly on affected areas).

Rashes: Bloodstone or Turquoise (hold either on rash).

Swollen glands: Aquamarine (hold against the swollen gland for a few minutes).

Sore throat: Blue calcite (see my post Gem Remedies).


Toothache: Fluorite (gargle an elixir).

Vomitting / nausea: Citrine or Green Moss Agate (hold in your hand or wear as jewellery).


(These remedies are not to replace medical attention).

To cleanse a room after illness (or even after any negative situations, such as an argument!), use a room spray remedy. I use a mister bottle purchased from my local Pound Shop.

I make up an elixir with distilled water and add Carnelian for a boost of fresh energy, and Tourmaline as it cleanses and purifies the environment by dispersing negative energy; it is also effective in removing electromagnetic smog, so is perfect to use as a room spray. You can also add your favourite essential oils to make your room smell good too.




So there you have some crystal remedies to try. But you don’t have to stick to these, you can use any crystals you like.

Remember, not every remedy will work for everybody, we are all different and what works for one person may not work for another (it is exactly the same with conventional medicine).

So play about with different crystals, there is no harm in experimenting, working with crystals doesn’t run the risk of nasty side effects that you can experience when taking conventional medicine. When you are feeling poorly, anything is worth a try.

Give crystal healing a go, made your own remedies and let us know how you get on.



Disclaimer: None of the information shared should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention. Always seek advice from an expert before using crystals as an elixir (or in any other form). The crystals described in this post may not be safe for use as an elixir for some people. Crystals may be artificially dyed or may have been altered from their natural state in some way so please seek professional advice before use.

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