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My Morning Routine: The 5 AM Club

Do you regularly hit snooze on the alarm clock and go back to sleep until the very last minute and then dash around trying to get ready in a hurry? We’ve all been there.  And often we think the extra sleep is worth it.  However the extra sleep you get when hitting the snooze button […]

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How to use Oracle Cards and Best Oracle / Angel Cards to buy

Oracle cards are becoming more and more popular; there are so many on the market these days that you are almost spoiled for choice (Angel cards, Butterfly cards, Colour cards, Moon cards, Earth cards, Chakra cards, Druid cards, Past Life cards and so many more….and then of course the many, many variations of Tarot cards!). […]

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Best spiritual books for beginners

I can’t remember precisely when my own spiritual journey began, but it was around seven years ago and one of the first books I read from the spirituality genre was ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. What a book! I really connected to it and felt compelled to read not only Tolle’s other publications, […]

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