Best spiritual books for beginners

I can’t remember precisely when my own spiritual journey began, but it was around seven years ago and one of the first books I read from the spirituality genre was ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. What a book!

I really connected to it and felt compelled to read not only Tolle’s other publications, but also everything else in the spiritual section of the library (and on Amazon, eBay and local book shops)!  This was actually the beginning of my spiritual path.

I’ve always loved reading but once my spiritual journey began (I’m spiritual but not religious), I stopped reading all my other favorite genres as I couldn’t get enough of all the fab and exciting information held in these fascinating books!

I now have my own ‘spiritual library’ as I love being able to go back and re-read my favorites; it’s crazy how you forget so much of what you’ve read and as we are constantly evolving, coming back to books you’ve previously read can give you an entirely different perspective of the book.

Each time you read a book, you can absorb different meanings or messages, depending on where you are on your own personal journey at that particular time.


If you are at the beginning of your own spiritual journey (or even if you have been on your spiritual path for many years) and are looking to read some inspirational books on the subject, it is hard to know where to start as there are so many!

I have read a LOT of books on the subject and thought I would share my list of my 10 personal favorites with a quick review of each of them.


My Top 10 Spirituality Books


1. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, by Eckhart Tolle

I’ll start with this as everyone should read this book. Seriously, EVERYONE!

This book completely changed my viewpoint on life. I’d heard ‘mindfulness’ and ‘living in the moment’ etc but it wasn’t until I read this book that I really got it.
This book, as the title suggests, is about being present and living in the now; how getting ‘out of our heads’ and living in the present moment creates a life of happiness and contentment.

Eckhart gives readers lots of information and inspirational ideas, all written in a concise and easy to understand manner. There is a lot to take in and digest though, I would suggest you read a chapter or two at a time and then have a break from the book to give you time to absorb the information, this way you will get more from it, rather than reading it cover to cover in a few sittings.
It really is an excellent self-development book, definitely one of my favourites.

Purchase the ‘Power of Now‘ here on Amazon


2. F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way, by John C. Parkin

This book is very easy to read. It is a modern description of how to bring Eastern wisdom into our daily lives. John suggests saying ‘f**k it’ is the Western’s equivalent of the Eastern spiritual concept of letting go of the past and living in the present moment.

It is written in a humorous manner which I found very uplifting and inspiring.
I must admit, whilst the title of this book did grab me, it made me doubt that the content would be that thought-provoking or intelligent…I was wrong! It is very educational and the down to earth approach works wonderfully. It is actually a breath of fresh air as many spiritual books are very serious and often a little bit ‘stuffy’.
This is a perfect book for anyone just starting out on their spiritual journey

Purchase ‘F**k it‘ here on Amazon


3. Raise Your Vibration: 111 Practices to Increase Your Spiritual Connection, by Kyle Gray

I first heard of this author on the TV program This Morning. Kyle seemed so knowledgeable and passionate about his subject that I decided to purchase his book and I’m so glad I did! This one is also an easy to read book.

Raising your vibration, according to Kyle, is said to connect your body, mind and soul to bring you closer to your own spirituality. The book has daily practices to do this. It’s like a simple step by step guide to enhance your spiritual connections….amazing!
Kyle introduces the angelic realm, chakras and many other often complex concepts in an accessible way. This book is full of wisdom and spiritual insights. It has truly inspired me on my spiritual journey.

Purchase here ‘Raise Your Vibration‘ here on Amazon


4. The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne

A very powerful book that introduced me to the Law of Attraction.

The Secret is said to reveal the hidden potential that lies within all of us. Rhonda explains that our thoughts are like magnets and what we think about is what we attract. Basically, think negatively and negative things will happen, think positively and you will attract positivity.

The Secret shows us how to use this to manifest what we want in life.
I actually watched the movie of this before I purchased the book, the book is a summary of the movie really (with a bit more content added plus the authors own experience of The Secret) but it is nice to have a hard copy to have it at hand.
‘The Great Secret’ is said to have been used through-out history, however, this book brings it all together for the first time as a book. It reveals practical knowledge that allows readers to understand The Secret and put it into practice.
A great book that will teach you how to ask for and attract what you desire into your life.

Purchase ‘The Secret‘ here on Amazon


5. The Enchanted Life: Unlocking the Magic of Everyday, by Sharon Blackie

What an enchanting book! This book is like a big warm hug. It gently reminds us of what really matters in life.

It talks of connection, not only to ourselves and each other but also connection to nature and the world around us. In one instance, Sharon describes taking a walk in woods. Her descriptive narrative is wonderful. She describes the smell of bluebells as you enter the forest, you inhale the scent into your lungs; the bluebells are now essentially part of you; just as you are part of that ecosystem as you exhale carbon dioxide into the forest air. A blackbird whistles as you approach the woods to warn his friends of your presence; you have a cause and effect on nature and your surroundings which makes you part of it; we are connected to the forest, just as we are connected to each other and also to the wider world and to the stars and the planets of the universe.

This book was beautifully crafted description of connection and belonging.
Quite different to anything I have read, I loved it.

Purchase ‘The Enchanted Life‘ here on Amazon


6. Moonology, by Yasmin Boland

How to get in tune with the Moon. Technically an astrology book I suppose, rather than a spiritual book. However, the Moon is believed to have a strong effect on our spirituality. The Moon is a symbol of femininity, psychic abilities, creativity and wisdom; and therefore has a great spiritual significance.

The Moon has a massive impact on our daily lives; we ebb and flow just like the oceans, and although I already planned my life around the phases of the Moon (for example, I love social activities around Full Time time, but not so much around New Moon time); this book was like a light bulb to my understandings of Lunar cycles. Yasmin beautifully details facts about the Moon, timing of phases, why the Moon is magic, how to create your dream life with the New Moon, how to work with the magic of the Full Moon and more.
Incredibly fascinating and insightful book that has the power to transform your life. You HAVE to read Moonology!
(Check out my post ‘Best Crystals for each Moon phase‘ if you’re interested in working with Lunar cycles and crystal energy.)

Purchase ‘Moonology‘ here on Amazon


7. Waking Up: Searching for Spirituality without religion, by Sam Harris

Waking Up is described as a guide to spirituality without religion. When I picked this book up a few years ago, it was exactly what I needed to read at that time. As much as I have always wanted to have faith, I have never felt compelled to follow an organized religion, it just never made sense for me. However, I have always had a knowing that there is a higher power (an energy, a creator, the universe, cosmos or whatever you want to call it) but I don’t believe in any particular religion . I live in awe of the world and the universe, and I feel deeply connected to nature and mother earth and her cycles.

This book showed me I was not alone in my thinking. You can be spiritual without being religious.
Waking Up is part memoir and part exploration of spirituality. Sam discusses his own search for enlightenment and inner peace. His openness about his use of drugs and time spent with traditional spiritual teachers was very interesting. His discussion of meditation was really useful, and I found his tips very helpful.
The book is pretty complex, not an easy read, but definitely worth the effort. Thought-provoking and enlightening.

Purchase ‘Waking Up‘ here on Amazon


8. What the Bleep Do We Know?: Discovering the Endless Possibilities for Altering Your Everyday Reality, by William Arntz, Betsy Chass and Mark Vincente Betsy Chass and Mark Vincente

Wow! This book is such an eye-opener!! Why are we here? What are emotions? What is the soul? How powerful are our thoughts? These are some of the topics discussed in this book. Of course it’s not going to answers all the Great Questions of the Universe for you but it offers you the tools to examine your understanding of the meaning of life and perhaps stretch your mind.

Much of the book focuses on the Law of Attraction. It illustrates how our thoughts can create our reality and backs this up science. I was blown away by the experiments with water; water was subjected to different types of music, from classical to heavy metal, then the water was frozen. The type of music affected the shape of the ice crystals of the frozen water; water subjected to heavy metal formed in ugly, messy shapes, while the music subjected to classic music formed in beautiful, perfect crystals. This experiment was then transferred to human thoughts; bottled water was subjected to different human emotions such as ‘love’ and ‘hate’. The results showed water reacts to human consciousness!!
Mind-blowing! I won’t spoil the book any further…read it for yourself.

Purchase ‘What the Bleep Do We Know?‘ here on Amazon


9. Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow and Finding Your True Purpose, by Gabrielle Bernstein

I was given this book by friend who had been raving about it for ages. And my goodness, she was right to rave about it!

The author has hand-picked 108 techniques to combat some of our most common problems…..fear, anxiety, fatigue etc. She offers spiritual-based principles, meditations and practical tools to help readers live a more rewarding and more meaningful life. Each technique is broken down into step-by-step guidance.

This book is super easy to read and has so many insights and wisdom which is all very easy to relate to. Gabrielle shares her own personal stories, which gives the book a more intimate feel than most other books in this genre. Gabrielle is a modern-day spiritual guru; she has taken some of the greatest spiritual teachings and translated them into short and sweet bite sized exercises that are easy to follow.
This is a book you will keep going back to read over and over. I love it.

Purchase ‘Miracles Now‘ here on Amazon


10. Rise Sister Rise, A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within, by Rebecca Campbell

This is last on my list but absolutely, definitely not least as is one of my favorite books (I’ve kept it to the end as I didn’t want to send my male readers running)!

Rise, Sister Rise is a book every woman should read; I wish I’d read it 20 years ago! Rebecca has such wisdom and this comes across in the conviction of her writing. She believes we are experiencing a global shift whereby woman are unleashing their innate power and living the life they were supposed to live. She lights the way for us women behind her. This is a book of healing, empowerment and following your heart to your true self.
I’ve read this a few times now and each time I take a little bit more wisdom than the last time. A truly inspiring and uplifting book. If you haven’t already read this, ensure reading it is on your spiritual to-do list as there is just packed with insights and knowledge.

Purchase ‘Rise, Sister Rise‘ here on Amazon




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