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Hatha Flow Classes…


Hi and welcome!  🙂


I’m Kym, yoga teacher and lifelong yoga student.

Yoga is my passion and my mission is to get as many people practicing yoga as possible!

My Hatha Flow classes are all level classes, everyone is very welcome (see FAQs below to help you decide if the class is suitable for you).

I currently offer early morning classes and evening classes in Bangor’s stunning yoga studio, The Haven.


What to expect in our Hatha Flow class:


My class is a relaxed, fun class; no need to take it all too seriously.

Come in 5 minutes before class start time, roll out your mat and have a seat, feel free to have a wee chat to whoever is beside you.

We’ll have gentle music playing and gorgeous incense to get you in the mood.



Classes begin with mindful breathing exercises to calm and focus the mind.

The breath is the bridge between the body and the mind.

In yoga we use breathing exercises to bring the mind into the present moment which is like a little holiday for the brain; one hour where we don’t have to worry about anything, one hour to be fully present in the body…and my goodness don’t we all need a little bit of that right now?



Once we’ve settled the mind, we move into our physical practice.   Our physical practice builds strength and flexibility in the body…which in turn builds strength and flexibility in the mind.  The mind, body and soul are all implicitly connected.

We warm the body up slowly and build up to any peak poses.  There are always modifications for those new to the practice and also the opportunity to progress for those more experienced students.  It is your practice and you choose how much energy you bring.



We always end with around 5 or 6 minutes of relaxation; time to just let the body be; time to bask in the beautiful positive energy we’ve created through our movement.



Feel free to hang around and ask me any questions about the practice, or about your own personal practice, or even just about yoga in general…I love to chat…especially about yoga!




“Will this class be suitable for me/my ability?”

We will move up and down from the mat so as long as you have mobility for that, this class should be suitable for you.

We usually begin with a few postures on our back, then make our way to seated where we warm up the arms and spine then move to our standing postures and finish with some more seated postures before relaxation.

There will be modifications for any challenging poses.  You practice at your own level, you can take breaks at any time (child’s pose is perfect for this, or you can just grab a sip of water and sit a pose out if you prefer).


I am not very flexible – can I do yoga?

Yes! In fact yoga is perfect for you.  Most people who start yoga aren’t flexible (unless they have a fitness background, eg. gymnastics, dancing etc).

Come along as you are and as you develop more flexibility, joint mobility, and strength …see your flexibility (and self-confidence!) improve.


“What do I need to bring?”

It is preferred that you bring your own yoga mat due to Covid regulations, however if you need to borrow one, get in touch and this can be arranged.

Perhaps bring a bottle of water.

And that’s it really.


“What should I wear?”

All you need to wear is something comfortable that will allow you freedom of movement.  A pair of leggings, tracksuit bottoms or shorts and a vest top or t-shirt.


“I need to be somewhere straight after class, does class run over the allocated hour sometimes?”

I usually finish the class on good time, but very occasionally I can run over.  If you need to be out of class promptly, please let me know at the start of class so I can ensure I finish on time.


Anything else?

If I’ve missed anything, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Send me a message or find me on Facebook or Instagram (links are on the homepage)

If I’ve answered everything and you’d like to come along…please click below to book a class, I’d LOVE to see you there 🙂


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Disclaimer:  None of the information shared should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.  Always seek advice from an expert.

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