How my Yoga Teacher Training journey began

It was never been my intention to sign up for yoga teacher training, in fact, I am probably one of the least likely people out of all my friends to become a yoga teacher as I definitely don’t come from a fitness background. However, I found yoga. Or maybe yoga found me. And life has a funny way of working out, it doesn’t always follow the path that we expect it to. That’s pretty exciting, right? I think it’s amazing that we don’t know what exciting surprises are around the corner for us.

Anyway, this is where my yoga journey began…..

During the pregnancy of my second baby (I now have three children), I was craving a little ‘me time’ and that’s when I found Yogabellies, a yoga class just for pregnant women. I had never stepped foot in a yoga class before, I didn’t even know what ‘downdog’ was…but I loved it! As well as the gentle workout, I loved meeting other mummies-to-be who were going through exactly what I was going through. And our teacher was amazing! She had such a special way about her that made you feel cared for and looked after; it was exactly what I needed at that time. Although this was a yoga class, I saw it purely as an exercise class and a social event, I didn’t really ‘get’ the ‘connect with the breath’ or meditation side of it (I was too uncomfortable to sit still for any period of time with my big bump!). But I definitely enjoyed it.

Anyway, this was my introduction to yoga. I had my third baby just 18 months after my second so I didn’t have much time (any time!) between pregnancies to resume my yoga practice. A few months after my third baby’s birth I joined a ‘vinyasa flow’ class. Although it was aimed at ‘intermediate’ yoga students, the class was held at the only time of day that suited my schedule of juggling my husband being home from work and my youngest’s breastfeeding schedule (she needed me to be there to feed her to sleep). The class was super fast paced (the teacher was absolutely amazing, her technique and abilities are something else!) and I was totally thrown in at the deep end; think forearm balances, headstands and plenty of deep, deep binds (most, ok all, of which I wasn’t even close to achieving at that point). But do you know what, I absolutely loved it! I loved the challenge and seeing the other girls in the class gracefully lean from crow pose into a headstand, back to crow and then shoot their legs back to chaturanga had me in awe! I desperately wanted to learn how to do that. I attended the class twice a week and began to make progress, I was hooked!

I began going to more and more classes, I loved trying out new classes and attending workshops and day retreats. My home practice really started to develop, and I was practising yoga asana four or five times a week. I also started reading about the other ‘limbs’ of yoga, and living yoga off the mat. I realised yoga is so much more than the physical postures; it is a way of living. I became more and more interested in the history of yoga and yoga philosophy; it was then that I decided to deepen my practice by attending teacher training.

I researched different teacher training courses in my area (and abroad, though that wouldn’t have been even remotely possible until my children were grown up!), and I found the studio and course perfect for me. The 200 hour Yoga Teaching diploma was held on a Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm once a month for one year. It was one hour drive/train away from me and payment could be made be installments…! Suited me perfectly! I couldn’t wait to sign up. A few calls to the course tutor later and I was on the course!

Beginning the journey of yoga teacher training is probably one of the scariest things I have ever done…but it feels so right. I am not thinking about the end result, I’m just enjoying learning and developing week by week and once the course is complete I will take it from there. And who knows what the universe has in store for me, whatever is meant to be will be 😉


Namaste, Kym












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