Crystal properties and their meanings

A quick guide to the properties of some of the most common crystals…


Do you often forget the properties of crystals and what they can be used to help you with?

Well here’s a quick list of some of the most common ones, print this out and pop it somewhere you can see it easily.



Rose Quartz – Opens the heart chakra, heals emotional trauma, helps with forgiveness of others and self-love towards yourself.


Amethyst – Opens the crown and third eye chakra.  Reduces pain, aids sleep, creates a peaceful environment. Good for meditation.


Carnelian – Activates the sacral and solar plexus chakra.  Stimulates energy.  Enhances vitality.  Promotes health.


Citrine – Activates the sacral and solar plexus.  Attracts wealth and abundance.  Good for creativity.  Promotes positivity.  Lifts your mood, helps with depression.


Blue lace agate – Throat and third eye chakra.  Promotes wisdom and peace.  Good for aiding self-expression.  Calms anxiety.


Moonstone – Opens higher chakras.  Linked to femininity and lunar energies.  Fertility, new starts. Aids intuition, balances emotions.


Quartz – energizes all the chakras.  Master healer.  Can store, transmit and amplify energy.  You can programme quartz for any purpose.


Labradorite –  Third eye and crown chakra.  Manifests change.  Stone of magic.  Spiritual expansion, awakens psychic abilities.


Hematite – Root chakra.  Grounding stone.  Balances emotions. Helps to centre us and promotes focus.  Relieves stress and anxiety.

Malachite –  Activates the heart chakra.  Stone of transformation.  Removes emotional blockages.  Mood stabilizer. Good for meditation.


Tourmaline – Root chakra.  Protective and grounding.  Absorbs negative energy.  Good for protection from electrical devices.


Selenite – Higher chakras.  Radiates light energy, often refered to as liquid light.  Cleansing and protective.  Connects us with our higher self.


Tigers eye – Solar plexus.  Can help us attract wealth and success.  Provides courage.  Promotes positivity.


Lapis Lazuli Throat and third eye chakras.  Stimulates psychic abilities.  Allows us to speak our truth.


Fluorite – Third eye and crown.  Absorbs negativity.  Brings mental clarity.  Expands the mind.  Promotes peace.  



Crystals are amazing little gems that can help you with just about anything!  Just make sure you cleanse, charge and program them to enable them to work with you.

Click here to learn how to cleanse and charge your crystals and click here to learn how to program your crystals. 


I hope this short post helps you remember the basic uses of some of the most common crystals.  There are SO many crystals out there, it is difficult to remember all their properties.  Start with these, then once you can easily remember these common ones, you can build up your crystal toolkit.

Check out my post Gem remedies for loads more crystals and their uses, plus my crystal healing first aid kit 🙂




Disclaimer: None of the information shared should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention. Always seek advice from an expert before using crystals as an elixir (or in any other form). The crystals described in this post may not be safe for use as an elixir for some people. Crystals may be artificially dyed or may have been altered from their natural state in some way so please seek professional advice before use.

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