How to make your own gem infused water bottle

Homemade crystal water bottle: for a true crystal elixir…..

If you add crystals to your drinking water, you get all the healing benefits of the particular crystals in your drink.

The use of gems to vitalize water has been around for centuries and was even known to be used in medieval times. Recently, this old tradition has become very popular. 

Gemstones have the ability to store energy, that very effect is what makes quartz watches work, for example.

Each type of crystal has its own unique energetic information and these energetic vibrations are passed to the water when it is placed in it.  So drinking a gem elixir or crystal water as it is often referred to, is said to be a very beneficial way of passing the healing energy of the crystal into our body.

I definitely feel the benefits of gem infused water.  There are some crystals  that can be used to provide energy or others that can help you relax and are particularly good for bedtime. 

Try it for yourself, many even say that crystal infused water tastes much better too.


There are loads of specially made crystal water bottles on the market nowadays. Manufacturers claim that these gem infused bottles enhance the structure of the drinking water with the healing properties of the crystals it contains.  

Most of these bottles have a gem-pod; a chamber containing crystals that is either permanent or removable.

The crystals are not in direct contact with the water; the makers claim the crystal does not need to be in direct contact with the drinking water to enhance it with the crystal’s healing properties.

Many argue that the water is therefore technically not a true crystal elixir.  There is no doubt that these look great, but are they really worth the money, especially if they are not a true crystal elixir?

These types of crystal water bottles are all pretty expensive, even the lower end of the range is around £25.  I did purchase one of these bottles myself, and I do love it. 

Check out my review of these bottles. 

While I do love these bottles, I like being able to mix and match my own crystals as required.

I also like knowing that my drinking water is in direct contact with the crystals for maximum healing benefits.  I like to experiment and see what effect each crystal has on me; this isn’t possible with the shop bought, purpose made, crystal bottles as they generally have a combination of at least two or three crystals. 

I tried putting a few of my favorite crystals in my every day water bottle but every time I got half way through the water, the crystals would tip up with the water and block the opening. 

So I decided to make my own gem water bottle by using a bottle that is designed for infusing water with fruit.  I found one of these on Amazon for a few quid.

This is my very easy cheap method of making my own gem infused water…a simple fruit infuser water bottle, you know the ones with removable fruit infuser compartment, designed to hold lemon, lime or maybe strawberries to give your water a bit of flavour? I simply use the fruit compartment for my crystals. Perfect!

I  ensure they are non-toxic crystals of course and that they are compatible with water (some crystals shouldn’t come into contact with water as they may dissolve).

I cleanse, charge and program my crystals as I usually would, then add them to the infuser part and place it in the water.  I usually leave in the fridge overnight then drink it the following day.

I can definitely feel the healing benefits of the crystals when used in this way.  This really is the easiest way to make a water bottle with healing crystals.

Click here to purchase a similar one on Amazon


Which crystals are safe to use as an elixir?

It is SO important to research which crystals are suitable for use as an elixir as some crystals are toxic and definitely not safe to be consumed as an elixir, others are soft or semi soluble and may dissolve if immersed in water.

I have researched and read several books around the subject of safe crystals for direct use as an elixir. 

Sometimes there is mixed opinion to which gems are safe to use in water. 

I personally tend to stick to the well known safe gems such as rose quartz and amethyst etc but there are loads of others that can be used.  

Philip Permutt (a well-known author and lecturer in crystal healing) recommends a range of gems that can be used to treat certain conditions. 

He describes Shattuckite elixir as useful as a general tonic and in treatment for minor illnesses and he recommends Amber elixir as effective for constipation and Aragonite for soothing aching muscles. 

If you are in doubt, consult a doctor or crystal healer.

Which crystals aren’t safe to use as an elixir?

There are many crystals that are definitely NOT suitable to be used as an elixir.  This list is not exhaustive. 

   Please gain expert advise before using any crystal as an elixir.


From my own research I have found the following gems should be avoided in elixirs (these crystals may be toxic or it may be due to certain elements in the crystal such as iron, copper, aluminum, asbestos, sulphur etc that should not be consumed or immersed in water as they are too soft and may dissolve…).  These gems should  not be used directly in water:












Lapiz Lazuli












Tigers eye


If in doubt, leave it out. 

If you are just starting out with crystals, you could err on the side of caution and begin with one of the purpose-built crystal water bottles; you don’t have to worry about which crystals to avoid as they don’t come into direct contact with the drinking water. 

Once you get to know crystals a little better you can experiment with different elixirs.  If you’re interested in purchasing a crystal water bottle, click here to read my reviews on best crystal infused water bottles.


Keeping well hydrated is so important for good health, drinking fluids is crucial to maintaining the function of every system in our body. 

Carrying a bottle of water with you throughout the day can encourage you to keep sipping. 

So many of us are on the go all day and often reach for a shop bought bottle of water, a single use and then it goes in the bin.  The impact of all this plastic is devastating for the environment; why not make the decision to fill your own water bottle every morning, not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, you will save a small fortune too.


Personally, I use both methods of reusable bottles, I have an expensive crystal water bottle with built in gem-pod and I also experiment with my fruit infuser bottle and different gems, I love using just one crystal and experiencing it’s effects and then using a combination of gems. 

Like anything in life, its good to change things up 😉 


Give it a go….you too can start experiencing the healing benefits from gem infused water.




Disclaimer:  None of the information shared should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.  Always seek advice from an expert before using crystals as an elixir (or in any other form).  The crystals described in this post may not be safe for use as an elixir for some people.  Crystals may be artificially dyed or may have been altered from their natural state in some way so please seek professional advice before use.

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