Houseplants for your yoga room / meditation space

Best plants for your relaxation / meditation space to make it a Zen Den…

After setting up a quiet corner in our home for my yoga and meditation practice, I acquired a few houseplants.  A yoga and meditation space isn’t quite the same without a plant or two (or more!).  I quickly became addicted to buying new ones; my collection went from three to fifty within weeks! I now have around 200 houseplants! I love the way they look, I love caring for them. I love knowing that they purify the air and detox our home. (I now have a houseplant webiste, Green Lotus Den, if your interested, feel free to pop over for a browse).

I learnt that you can’t just plonk any plant anywhere in the home. Some plants need lots of light; therefore a room that receives very little daylight would not be suited to that particular plant.   There are many plants that thrive in low light however, so there is always a suitable plant for every corner of your home. Some plants like a humid environment, for example, Fittonia (Nerve plant), most ferns and Ficus trees all thrive in a steamy environment, perhaps a bathroom, but if you want to place them in your meditation room you will have to remember to mist them regularly. Plants such as cactus and succulents prefer dryer environments. Some plants need higher temperatures than others so rooms that are unheated in winter wouldn’t work for that plant.  As you can see, there are lots of variables. But once you get to know what your plants needs are, you can then decide where to place the plant. Or you can decide where you want to place your plants…then buy the plants suitable for your designated spot.

My own yoga and meditation room is a small room with only one small skylight window. Therefore, I can only have plants that don’t require too much sunlight. Spider plants (which are very forgiving of low light, under watering and low or high temperatures for that matter), Prayer Plant or a Peace Lily are ideal for rooms with low light.  Check out my houseplant webiste Green lotus Den for my post on best houseplants for low light rooms.

I also have a special place in my home for relaxing and reading. It is a tiny nook away from the noise and mess of the rest of the house.  It is a conservatory; lots of direct sun in summer, so very hot, but not much sun in winter as the sun is lower and our garage at the side of it blocks most of the direct sun around midday (when the sun is highest and hottest), so it gets very cold in winter (although very bright, which lots of plants love). Night time in winter gets super cold, so only hardy plants would survive in there during the colder months.  I bring all my tender plants into the house at the beginning of Autumn.  Click here to read more about best houseplants for an unheated conservatory or here to read about best houseplants for a heated conservatory.

(You can also read more about creating your own relaxation space in ‘Creating a Zen Den‘ and ‘Setting up a quiet area or room for yoga, meditation or relaxation).

There are certain plants that come to mind when you think ‘Zen’.  Lucky Bamboo is one.  It is very easy to keep as it is not fussy at all about light levels and it looks fab (and very ‘Zen’!) when grown in water.  Another is the Jade plant, also known as a money tree.  According to Chinese culture, the abundance of leaves represents the growth of the owners wealth, they are considered very lucky, especially when placed near the entrance to your home.

Lucky bamboo has been used as a symbol of good fortune for centuries.  It is a fascinating plant that can be trained to grow in interesting and unusual shapes.  Unlike other plants, it doesn’t need soil to grow, it can be can be grown in simply a few centimeters of water!  It’s a great houseplant for beginners as it is very easy-going to care for.

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Crassula Ovata / Jade plant, also known as a money tree or friendship tree, would be excellent for your meditation space.  They are very hardy and can last a lifetime.  They have unique glossy green fleshy leaves which store water,  and the trunk on this plant becomes thick with age as they develop to look like a mini tree.  Crassula enjoy a bright, sunny position.  Water regularly but do not allow it to stand in water. Allow to partially dry out between waterings.

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The best plants for your relaxation area will depend on the level of light and humidity etc in your own space.  Hopefully with a bit of research before you purchase your plants, you can find the right plants for your yoga/meditation/relaxation space. If you’re just starting out with plants, click here to read more about the best houseplants for beginners.

If you are lucky enough to have a room with plenty of natural light, you will have lots of choice.  If you have space, big statement plants will look amazing (think large palm type plants or big leafy plants like swiss cheese plants). If you are short on space, a few smaller plants will still look equally good, even a few cacti on a windowsill can bring the feeling of nature to your space.  Click here for more info on best houseplants for windowsills.  Just remember you may need a blind or other type of window cover if the room is in direct sun throughout the day, as direct sunlight can scorch your poor plants.

There are literally loads of plants that you could use to help create a Zen Den, these are just a few suggestions to get you started. Good luck!

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