Best crystals for plants

Best crystals for houseplants or outdoor plants ….  Crystals vibrate at particular frequencies and just as we can utilize these frequencies in crystal healing for ourselves, we can also use the energy of crystals to nurture our plants. Every crystal vibrates differently, some have low vibrational energy, some have high, some are grounding, and some are stimulating. If we direct these properties into our plants, we can encourage them to flourish.

As well as placing crystals beside your plants, you can carry crystals with you while you tend to your plants or you can place them in your watering can or misting bottle for around an hour or two before you water/spray your plants (always ensure the crystal you are using is compatible with water, some crystals should never be placed in water as it can cause them to oxidize or erode). For all methods, don’t forget to program your crystal first!

You can use many different crystals to nourish and support your plants; for example tourmaline acts as a natural insecticide, and if your plants are ailing, this is a great crystal to bring it back to health and encourage healthy growth. Green calcite is a very soothing stone, it is said to be excellent for stressed plants, as is amethyst or rose quartz.

I often get asked which are the best crystals for houseplants.  Really, almost any crystal can be used to boost your plants; both houseplants and outdoor plants will benefit from the healing qualities of crystals.

My favourite crystals for boosting my plants are:

moss agate, moonstone, green aventurine, tigers eye, and malachite.

Moss agate – known as the gardeners stone, this crystal is said to have magical effects on agriculture!  Its low vibration balances and stabilizes plants.  This is a good one to place inside all your plant pots or even have buried near plants roots.

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Moonstone – connects to the energies of the moon.  The moon is associated with fertility and the cycles of life.  It is a very restorative crystal.  Place near your plants or with new seedlings to encourage growth.

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Green aventurine – carries a strong connection to the Earth.  It can help us tune out and connect to nature, it is a great stone to carry while you are tending to your plants.

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Tigers eye – a grounding, earthing stone, associated with strength and known for its healing qualities.  Place tigers eye with your plants to channel this energy into healing ailing plants.

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Malachite – known as the stone of transformation, this crystal is perfect for energizing your plants and encouraging growth.

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If you have fruiting plants (such as tomatoes, courgettes or strawberries etc), using crystals to boost them is considered especially beneficial for health as it is super nourishing to eat crystal enhanced home-grown fruit and veg. Obsidian and onyx are particularly recommended; push them into the soil for maximum benefit.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can try this for kitchen herbs too. All you need is a windowsill to grow a few pots of fresh herbs, maybe parsley, rosemary and coriander or whatever your favourite herbs are. Plant them up and add some crystals to their pots to enhance their growth. Then add them to your favourite dishes for a wonderful health boost.

Using crystals is a wonderful way to attract abundance into your life. There are many plants that are considered ‘lucky’ and said to bring prosperity to your home. My two favourite lucky plants are Money Plants (also known as Jade Plant, Lucky Plant or Money Tree) and Lucky Bamboo. Boosting these plants with ‘lucky’ crystals (such as aventurine or jade) can effectively double the boost of abundance.

Jade gemstone is considered the ultimate good luck stone. Similar to plants that photosynthesise,  jade crystal harnesses the miracle of light that provides food for plants and their luscious gift of oxygen-rich greenery. The vibrant green variations of Jade are a symbol of growth and vitality, which makes it a stone that stands for wealth and longevity. 

Green Aventurine is also a lucky stone, it is known to attract prosperity, and often used as a good luck charm.

Being around greenery really does boost your mood and has lots of health benefits. It also opens your heart chakra. Most plants are green; I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this colour correlates to the heart chakra. Crystals for the heart chakra and crystals for your plants go hand in hand; when the heart chakra is open, you feel deeply connected to nature and the energy around you. It can bridge your earthly and spiritual connections. Having a home full of crystals and plants is just perfect for not only enhancing the look of your home but also for spiritual development and connection to all that is. 

I have always placed crystals around my plants or inside my plant pots, it just feels intuitively right, and of course it looks nice too. I place them around the base of the plant, and sometimes I bury a crystal beside the plants roots (I do this mainly with young plants to boost their growth).

I used to do this mostly because it looked good, but then I found that the plants that had crystals close to them and especially those with crystals inside their pots grew bigger and healthier than those without crystals! When I researched it a bit more, I wasn’t surprised to find that crystals actually do boost plants growth! Amazing!!

If you are just starting out with plants, check out my post houseplants for beginners.

Having plants and crystals all around me makes feel calm and relaxed; I couldn’t imagine my home without the two, I love the energy they bring, especially their collective energy when placed together. Give it a go, buy some plants, buy some crystals…put them together and see what happens.

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