Best crystal for long car journeys

There are many crystals that you could choose from to assist you in long car journeys.

First up, you will definitely want a crystal that will keep you safe and protect you from accidents. 

Secondly, car journeys can become stressful so you might want to take something to keep you calm and chilled.   

And finally, you might want a crystal that will guard against travel sickness. 


Depending on your preference, you can use crystals to decorate the car or you can keep them close to you either as jewelry or in your pocket (or even down your sock or in your bra!).

Some people like to hang crystals from their rear view mirror but I find that a bit distracting.  I personally prefer to wear them as a necklace or as a bracelet or pop a tumble stone in the drink holder compartment.


Best crystal for protection on car journeys:


To keep you safe while you drive and guard against accidents or mistakes on road, I would choose Malachite. 

It is known as the stone of protection and is probably the most recognized and popular stone for safe journeys. 

Program your crystal to protect against accidents. 

I always keep a Malachite crystal in my car.  Make sure you remember to cleanse and charge it regularly.

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Best crystal for to keep you calm on car journeys:


Whether you are travelling for work or for pleasure, car journeys can definitely become stressful, especially during a long road trip.

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with travel-related stresses and worries, but I’ve found that carrying Amethyst really keeps me calm and centered. 

Amethyst is also another good stone for protection…perfect for journeys.  I always wear an Amethyst bracelet, especially when travelling.  You could carry an Amethyst tumble stone in your pocket or bag. 

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Best crystal for travel sickness on car journeys:


If you are prone to travel sickness, Hematite will assist you greatly in controlling symptoms while on the road. 

It is my go-to stone for motion sickness as well as any other nausea. 

Hematite is like an anchor, it’s energy is super grounding.  As soon as you hold it, it starts to make your system feel more grounded, centered, and anchored in your body.

If you start to feel nauseous whilst driving, pull over and hold Hematite between your hands for a few minutes, then hold it against your inner wrist.  If you have a Hematite bracelet, even better!  Symptoms should pass pretty quickly.

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These are just a few suggestions; there are literally loads of crystals that you can work with for long journeys. 

As always, make sure you cleanse, charge and program your crystals with your intentions, and don’t forget to do so before each long journey!



Disclaimer: None of the information shared should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention. Always seek advice from an expert.

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