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Crystals, moons cycles and phases…

People have always been fascinated by the moon and its effect on human behaviour. Belief in the powerful effect of a Full Moon in particular, dates back to the Middle Ages when it was believed that the Full Moon could literally cause people to go insane.

Luna is Latin for moon, and the word ‘lunatic’ was derived from this; when people did crazy things at the time of the Full Moon, they were called ‘moonsick’ or a ‘lunatic’.

Today is no different, there are reports of increased anti-social behaviour and crime, increased hospital admissions, and increased psychiatric admissions during a Full Moon.

There are even increased vet admissions during a Full Moon, suggesting that even animals are affected by moon energy too.

Many police officers and other emergency services’ staff will tell stories about mad accidents and incidents that take place on nights when the sky is illuminated by a Full Moon, blaming lunar cycles for the increase in unusual activity.

Some people report that their sleep is affected by a Full Moon; it may take them longer to get to sleep and they may wake more frequently through the night.

Others say that they become ‘highly strung’ around Full Moon time and are more likely to argue or get into disagreements with family or friends.


The moon affects the seasons, the tides, and even earth’s rotation. We are all affected by the moons pull, ebbing and flowing just like the tides.

If the moon controls the tides of the ocean, it is easy to see how it could influence the human body which is made up of seventy percent water.



The moon is considered female, presiding over fertility, monthly cycles and our emotions.

To understand how powerful an effect the moon has on us, consider the length of a lunar cycle and a females menstrual cycle. It is almost exactly in line; we have natural rhythm in tune with the moon which links to fertility and other reproductive factors. It is easy to see how potent the Moon’s influence is on us human beings.


Although it is the Full Moon that gets the most interest and is the phase that is most talked about in terms of affecting human behaviour, the other phases of the moon can affect us too. The frequencies emanating from the moon at all phases of its cycle can affect the frequencies of the human body and the mind.


For instance, the New Moon (when the sky is completely dark and we are unable to see the Moon), is a time that we will feel tired and less energetic. When it is New Moon time, the flashlight, so to speak, is out, and we have time to recharge in the dark, until the lights come back on by the Full Moon time.

Many report that New Moon can be a time of great confusion and that the motives of others may be unclear.

During this time is best to rest and make plans for future projects; it is a good time to ‘plant seeds’ for what you would like to achieve.


Which crystal for each Moon phase?

Crystals and Moon energy go hand in hand. If you work with crystals you will likely utilize Full Moon energy to charge your crystals.

Lunar energy at Full Moon time is at its most potent; it cleanses and recharges crystals so they can work at their full vibration (Check out my post ‘How to cleanse and charge your crystals‘ if you would like more info on this). 

If you would like to get the most out of your crystals and enhance the energies that the Moon carries as it moves through the various stages of its cycle, you can work with particular crystals to gain maximum benefits. 

Every crystal vibrates to a different frequency and so, at different times of the month, different crystals can be particularly useful.

You definitely don’t need to stick to this though, as any crystal can be used at any time of the month but these are what I have believe to be very beneficial at these particular phases.


**New moon**


A New Moon is when the Moon is lined up with the Sun, but out of our view from Earth, making it appear dark.

The New Moon, as mentioned above, is a perfect time for new beginnings; it is the best time of the month to manifest what you want and you might find that during the New Moon your mind is full of new ideas!

This is a good time to go inward, you probably won’t feel like socializing at this time anyway, so stay at home, rest and take it easy. Self care and time alone are what you need right now.
Stay positive about what you desire, be thankful for what you have, get clarity and focus on what you want

  • A time of new beginnings
  • Make decisions about what you want/need
  • Feel tired / fatigued
  • Rest
  • Yin energy
The best crystal for New Moon energy: MOONSTONE

Moonstone is known as the stone of new beginnings and is strongly connected with the Moon. Moonstone is filled with feminine energy, just like the Moon. It is associated with fertility, intuition, vitality and creative energy.

Moonstone radiates a glowing healing energy, a warm feeling of renewal that can help let go of negative energy. This is a perfect stone to work with at New Moon time; a very nurturing stone, and it is particularly good for helping you start something new.

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*Waxing Crescent*


The Waxing Moon is beginning to show us the light from the sun, but still less than half of the moon’s surface is illuminated.

The Waxing Crescent Moon is a time where we can see positive change arriving. If you’ve had confused feelings about something, all will become clear soon.

The energy of the waxing moon is that of manifestation and intention setting. The hopes and aspirations that came to you as you recharged during the New Moon are now ready to be planted

  • Make plans / set intentions
  • Start new projects
  • Focus on what you want out of life
The best crystal for Waxing Crescent energy: LABRADORITE

Labradorite is a wonderful stone for transformation of any kind. Work with Labradorite at this time to manifest the changes you desire in your professional or personal life.

It is a very soothing stone, and is known for its ability to enhance visualization and communication, it promotes focus and encourages perseverance. Work with Labradorite to bring the positive changes you need into your life.

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*First Quarter*


Here, the Moon is considered the half-moon, showing light at a 90 degree angle; it is a quarter of the way through its monthly cycle (one week after a New Moon).

This is a time when you might encounter obstacles or challenges in what you are trying to achieve. Now is the time for action and working hard to achieve your goals.


  • Negotiate fiercely
  • Stay focused on your goals
The best crystal for the First Quarter Moon energy: MALACHITE

Malachite is known as the stone of transformation; work with it to keep you focused on your goals. Malachite can show you what is blocking your path and help you move forward. It is a great stone to work with for personal growth and abundance.

Known as the stone of transformation, Malachite helps bring energy and focus to new projects.

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*Waxing Gibbous*


More than half the Moon is now illuminated. The Full Moon is fast approaching.

This is a good time to notice what is and what isn’t working; re-evaluate if you need to. Projects should now be in their stride and you should be feeling more energetic. Now is an excellent time for expansion and for being outgoing in your actions.

  • Re-evaluate
  • Fine-tune
  • More energy
The best crystal for Waxing Gibbous Moon energy: CARNELIAN

Carnelian is known as a stone of motivation, endurance, leadership and courage. Work with it at this Moon phase to boost your energy to follow through with your goals.

Carnelian it is a crystal of ambition, it will help drive your determination to achieve your desires.

At this Moon phase, it is beneficial to pause to clarify your goals, so you can find your best direction in life.

Carnelian can give you the courage and confidence to move forward on a new path if necessary.

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**Full Moon**


Now, the moon seems bigger and brighter, allowing a much better view of the lunar terrain.

Here we may experience more drastic human and earth changes. The tides are higher at this time due to increased tidal force and the effect on human behaviour on a full moon day seems to produce a heightened activity of the mind.

It is a time that we will likely feel more sociable and want to connect more with others. However, be aware that anything troublesome or underlining will likely rise to the surface. The illumination from the Full Moon not only sheds light in the literal sense, it sheds light on our goals, relationships and even our inner selves.

Energy levels will be high so it is a good time to commit to what you desire and make it happen. Go for it! Just be aware that Full Moon energy can make you feel emotional and a bit frazzled.

The Full Moon signifies the end of the cycle and so it is time to let go of what was and get ready to move on in the next cycle.

  • More energy
  • Go for it!
  • Reap what you’ve sown
  • Be grateful for lessons you’ve learned in this moon’s cycle
  • Completion
  • Let go
  • Yang energy
Best crystal for Full Moon energy: SELENITE

Selenite embodies tranquility, love and light and brings about radiance and harmony. It provides support when you need it, perfect for assisting you if you are feeling a bit unsettled due to the powerful effects of the Full Moon.

Selenite creates an uplifting environment and protects from outside influences and negativity.

Work with Selenite to help you let go of what no longer serves you, allowing you to move on to bigger and better things.

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*Waning Gibbous*


The full moon is over and illumination is retreating along the moon’s surface. Now it is waning towards the last quarter, before back to another New Moon.

Waning Gibbous brings our awareness to what we have achieved. Use the energy you gained at the full moon and apply it now to finish up your existing projects before you start a new cycle. Work with the moon’s energy to carry you through the natural cycle of completion. You will be start seeing results from intentions set at the beginning of the cycle.

  • Gratitude
  • Clear headed
  • Awareness
Best crystal for Waning Gibbous Moon energy: ROSE QUARTZ

Rose Quartz has a lovely gentle energy, it is excellent for helping you open your heart and feel grateful for what you have achieved.

It resonates directly with the heart chakra, helping to dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentments.

It promotes love and gratitude and will prepare you for the end of the Moons cycle when we need release and let go.

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*Last Quarter*


The Last Quarter, also known as a Waning Half Moon, is the reverse of the First Quarter; this time a half Moon making its way back to a New Moon.
This phase is the time to release and let go so you are ready to set new intentions in the next cycle.

This Moon phase is an excellent time to have a physical clear out; deep clean your house, clear out your wardrobe, sort out the garage. As well as cleaning and sorting your physical environment, it is time for a spiritual clear out; let go of thoughts and ideas that no longer serve you. Make room for the new.

  • Release and let go
  • Have a clear out
  • Make space for new
Best crystal for Last Quarter Moon energy: SMOKY QUARTZ

Smoky Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding stones you can get. It will help you to stay connected to earths energy and keep you rooted in the present.

Smoky Quartz will ensure you remain balanced as you let go of any baggage you no longer need.

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*Waning Crescent*


There is only a fraction of the Moon visible as the Moon wanes towards another New Moon, and the beautiful crescent that we see slowly diminishes into darkness.
The Waning Moon phase is a time to turn your mind inward; it is a time for downsizing.

Rest and surrender to the will of nature. This is not a time to re-set your intentions, this is a time for respite; a time for self-care. You may feel tired or burnt out at this time; you have just gone through a full Lunar cycle. You are now preparing for the next cycle; so take the wisdom from this cycle into the next.

  • Surrender
  • Rest
  • Less energy
  • Go within
  • Prepare for next cycle
Best crystal for Waning Crescent Moon energy: AQUAMARINE

Aquamarine is a soothing crystal that can help you to let go and move past anger, fear, old wounds or emotional patterns.

It has a very gentle energy that can encourage you detach from and clear the clutter from your mind, bringing clarity and peace of mind.

Aquamarine is an excellent stone for calming, cleansing and enabling you to letting go. Work with Aquamarine as you prepare for the next Lunar cycle.

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The Moon wanes back to a New Moon once again; the sun and moon are lined up and it is back to a dark moon and a new Lunar cycle begins.



As the Moon, the Sun and the Earth continue this universal motion over and over, us humans go through the cycle too. Our bodies are just like the Earth, connected to this seemingly timeless synchronized pattern that influences us all; probably more so than we dare to believe.

The ‘Lunar effect’, as it is often refered to, should not be dismissed.

So whether you are feeling spaced out and fatigued or having a wonderful day where you look and feel great, it is worth considering which phase the Moon is in; you will possibly find a correlation with the aspect of the Moon.

By becoming mindful of the Moon’s phase, we can learn to honour the Lunar cycle and rhythm of the universe.

Grab your crystals and work with them to help you benefit from the Lunar rhythm rather than going against it. 



Dates of the next New Moon and Full Moons….


***Next New Moon is: *****

London: 10th July 2021 at 02:16

Los Angeles: 9th July at 18:16

Sydney: 10th July at 11:16


***Next Full Moon is: *****

London: 24th July 2021 at 03:36

Los Angeles: 23rd July at 19:36

Sydney: 24th July at 12:36





Disclaimer: None of the information shared should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention. Always seek advice from an expert.

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